Easy-to-use carbon foot-printing tool

Measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions,
making us a carbon neutral business

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
Waste Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
Shippiing emission-CarbonDesk


Simplify carbon measurement

No need climate consultants to measure and offset your emissions.

CarbonDesk's software enables your entire team to achieve carbon neutrality faster without any prior training required.

CarbonDesk supports Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions measurement.


Reduce Emissons

Establish goals and track your progress toward those goals to help your company lower its carbon footprint.
Set carbon reduction targets.
View progress relative to targets and benchmarks.
Identify opportunities to cut carbon emissions.
Get better deals by sharing real-time data.

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
Fuel emission-CarbonDesk


Carbon Reporting, for a wide range of industries and regulations

Get a complete picture of your environmental data, including every and GHG emissions
Scope 1,2 and 3 breakdown and offset history.
Generate easy-to-read reports.
Minimise your time spent on climate reporting.
Get better deals by sharing real-time data.

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk

Support team

We strive to provide the best support, always. If you have a question regarding our tool, let us know. We'd love to help you.

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
Fuel emission-CarbonDesk


25+ use cases

Adopting a cloud-based carbon emissions management tool

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk


Fuel can be categorised as stationary combustion or transport. Stationary combustion fuels are burnt in a fixed unit or asset, such as a boiler.

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk

Travel emissions

Travel emissions are indirect (Scope 3) if the organisation does not directly own or control the vehicles used for travel.

Calculator travel
Fuel emission-CarbonDesk

SME business

Allowing businesses to access all their energy and sustainability data in one platform

SME Carbon Emissions
API Fuel emission-CarbonDesk

Full API access

Seamlessly calculate the impact of any business activity, offset emissions, solve unique climate challenges and more

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk


Purchased energy, in the form of electricity, heat or steam, is an indirect (Scope 2) emission.

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk

Freight transport

Organisations freighting goods through third-party providers can categorise road freight emissions as indirect (Scope 3).

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk

Indirect business

Typical emission sources associated with the activities of employees working from home

Fuel emission-CarbonDesk

No more excel sheet, but more

More use cases and use case API will coming up

"CarbonDesk saves our company huge amounts of time. "
Ava Read, Chief Marketing Officer Vaynor Media
Fuel emission-CarbonDesk
"What I love about CarbonDesk is that it gives us eye-opening insights from data emissions factors at once."
Rory Mason, Senior Marketeer Studio45
"Team collaboration, Full API access and exportable datasheets. Do I need to say more? Totally love it."
Nicole Lowe, Head of Marketing Ebro

Make business decisions
with the environment in mind

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